How can you boost your career in a production environment?

It’s the time when ambitious professionals set personal and career goals for the year ahead and take a long hard look at the past 12 months. For people seeking to boost their career in a production environment finding a role with an employer who matches their aspirations is often their biggest challenge.

How do you make that change?

Here are our tips

1. Understand what it takes to succeed as a shift manager

Let’s not pretend everything is perfect. Shift managers and their teams work long, often unsociable hours. Success in team leadership requires collaboration, attention to detail. It demands tenacious, driven individuals who aspire to be the best version of themselves (with a passion for motivating others to do the same). As shift manager, ensuring the safety and productivity of your team while meeting quality standards and efficiency targets requires an assertive, analytical individual. Shift managers are the interface between leadership and the people on the factory floor. They are results focused decision makers. When they flourish, the company thrives.

2. Carry out a personal inventory

Review your skillset and identify your strengths. What leadership capabilities do you bring to a production environment? Where have you transformed challenges into achievements? Shift managers typically have a background in management or business engineering with an often indepth knowledge of the supply chain and a track record of successes in (FMCG) production environments.

3. Look for a brand whose values reflect your own

Careers are no longer linear. Today the focus is on the employee ‘experience’ in every sense of the word, with an emphasis on meaningful work.  In food production, values such as sustainability, delivering healthy, life giving products and reducing waste are the trends that will determine which brands capture the imagination of their employees and customers. For ambitious shift managers in food production environments, finding a brand whose vision and values match your own and who gives you the freedom to deliver added value is the challenge.

4. Find an employer who empowers you to grow

For trail blazing team leaders, that means a production environment that encourages innovation and initiatives and listens to your ideas for improvements.

Shift managers are collaborative, detail oriented, agile, eager to learn, driven and committed to the bigger picture (and you don’t get much bigger than the planet).

If that sounds like you, what steps will you take to boost your career in a production environment in 2020?