Preparing for digital transformation and the future of consumer marketing with Danone’s Head of Digital, Michel Brok.

Danone has been an innovator in product development for many years. It is also a pioneer in digital marketing and digital transformation. We talk to Michel Brok, Head of Digital at Danone for Benelux about using technology to improve their digital marketing and transforming the business to keep serving the needs of their customers in a digitized world.

Can you tell me a bit about your role?

 I am the Head of Digital working for Danone in the Specialized Nutrition Business in Benelux. We are experts in nutrition, from conception to toddlerhood as well as disease-related nutritional needs. We manage a wide range of products, including specialized products for people with specific metabolic and dietary needs, allergies, epilepsy, and people who can’t handle certain types of protein.

I am in charge of a specialist digital team that works closely with all our brands; this includes experts in content, digital media, marketing technology and data.

How is Danone using technology to improve their digital marketing and the way they communicate with their community?

Danone has a strong digital focus and is working hard to move our marketing activities away from traditional channels such as TV, radio and print and towards digital channels. Our media channels are  fully data-driven, so we can target campaigns effectively and reach the right customers. Our CRM is very powerful. We use it to engage with customers and serve them with the right content, services and products. We also have a very strong content strategy that enables us to answer customers’ questions and solve their problems

Our digital marketing technology enables us to personalize the user journey based on their preferences and actual behavior. By personalizing the experiences we hope that our customers are being better served and they develop trust in our brands.

What part do you play in getting the organization ready for digital transformation?

I lead the regional Digital Transformation team in Benelux which is a cross-functional team that includes marketing, sales, HR, supply chain and data specialists. We report directly to the Board of Directors, advising on process changes, mindset changes, campaign results, plans for the future and how we are accelerating our e-commerce activities to keep up with trends.

Why is Danone a great place to work in terms of digital marketing?

Danone is great for digital marketing as the digital transformation program runs throughout the business; from the Board of Directors to managers and their teams. We make sure that everyone has the right level of knowledge and are speaking the same language. There’s a lot of collaboration, which is all focused on providing the best experience for the customer.

Danone is also great due to the extent of our reach. We have more than 1m visitors to the website each year so we are able to influence a large number of people with quality content and powerful digital services. We genuinely want to help people with their nutritional needs and it’s good to be part of that.

Although we have an innovative approach to technology, we are a people-driven company. The technology is there to help our customers. We are experts in nutrition, with specialized products, but  we are also extending our focus to deliver customer-centric digital tools and services that are enabled by technology and data.