The story of


Business System Manager

After working as an IT consultant for six years, I wanted to see real results of my work. It's nice to visit different companies as part of your job, but you never get to experience what happens once you've completed a project. At Danone, I am the link between our IT department and the business line Marketing & Sales. I focus on implementing changes but am also involved in the run. Being this close to the business, you really experience your own impact.

Danone has opened doors for me that I never knew existed.

Even though I am working for only one company now, it doesn't feel that way. As an internal IT supplier, I work for both our Early Life division as for Medical and Dairy, managing multiple projects at the same time. A few weeks ago, the scope of my job has increased from the Benelux to Danone Global, which makes it even more divers and international.

Recently, I started with a mentoring programme in which I get support for developing my networking and profiling skills. What's the best way to express my ambitions within Danone? My mentor is the CTO of Danone. I think it's very special that someone in such a position takes the time to help me with my career.