Quality, Operations & Supply Chain


The core of our company

Building your career

Do you want a challenging job in one of our plants, grow into a managerial role or simply further develop your technical expertise? Our (inter)national production environment provides endless possibilities. You can become a team lead, a tech specialist, an operations manager or even our next plant manager. Our department works closely together with Purchase, R&D and Supply Chain, allowing you to develop your career in other disciplines as well. We give you the tools; you can build your own career.

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This company has the same values as I have in my personal life.

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Lilian Roder

Senior Project Process Engineer


Quality is key for building strong brand loyalty and improving consumer satisfaction, especially when your customers belong to the youngest or most frail people in this world. That’s why quality is in our DNA. It is present all along the value chain, starting from marketing brief to product consumption via product development, manufacturing and delivering. Within Quality we have diverse profiles such as food science, product & manufacturing processes, people and system management and consumer relationship management. Our quality team is independent and assures the best quality for our customers and patients every day!


Our Operations department consists of various teams working together on producing and delivering a wide range of products for our end users. We always seek to find the perfect balance between safety, quality, costs and processing time. And considering the important role of our products in the lives of our customers, we constantly look for ways to improve products and processes. In Cuijk for example, we work with a production process that's unique around the world and can be used for developing specific products suitable for babies with, for instance, an allergy for cow's milk. Needless to say we are proud to call Operations the core of our company.

Supply Chain

Our roles within Supply Chain provide a wonderful opportunity to develop and grow yourself while contributing to company growth! You will be at the heart of the Value Chain - where there is never a dull moment. Working end-to-end from suppliers to customers and interacting with all the functions in the business will help you develop strong transversal management skills. Forecasting demand, managing innovations & promotions, drive On-Shelf Availability, build new Routes To Market with sales, warehousing,... are just a few samples of the key Supply areas were you can make the difference. With one of the most important European Danone factories in Rotselaar (BE) and two Nutricia Plants in Cuijk (NL) and Zoetermeer (NL) Supply Chain plays a major role in connecting the dots!