Process technology

We are a group of process and food technologists, always working on new ways of developing the products. We’re combining new and exciting technology to support novel and sustainable processes. This is an increasing and innovating field.

What we do
We bring a product from small- to full-scale production in our manufacturing plants located around the world. New technologies can be test by using our pilot plant in the innovation centre in Utrecht. When it’s perfect, we can scale up to the production in the large factory. Through process technology we deliver nutritional products for our worldwide consumers and patients.  

In my job I’m constantly optimizing production. I always have to comply with high quality and food safety standards and I’m involved from first idea to the market!


As a process technologist you are mastering different types of process technologies. You’re knowledge is widespread and the focus is globally. Working at this department means you’re in the most cross-functional team. You’ll have contact with factories in different places of the world and in and outside the company with suppliers and clients. You’ll be constantly looking for the newest technologies and materials that could improve our production processes.

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