Product Development

In this department it’s all about combining science and technology for optimal nutrition. We turn theoretical ideas into products. It’s a challenging job to create a quality product that meets specific requirements and specific nutritional needs of our worldwide consumers. 

What we do
A multidisciplinary team of technologists translate our concepts to end products. The development starts by creating a recipe in order to meet the highest quality and nutrition standards from ingredients sourced with a special approach related to the vulnerability of the consumers. With the right balanced recipe, we perform experiments in the pilot plant. The biggest challenge in the development process is to get a smooth and liquid product, very important for infant nutrition. In the end, after some trials and tests, we can launch the perfect recipe on the market.

What I like about being a product developer is that I’m the central contact for a project. We’re responsible ‘from farm to fork’ and I can really make a difference by bringing new ingredients and products on the market, that makes me feel proud.


For a job in product development you need to know about the physical properties of ingredients to ensure the stability and quality of our recipe. Your knowledge about food science is great. As a product developer you’re responsible for developing, implementing and launching all projects within a product line that affects production. This involves hands on bench work, pilot test work, related analytical tests, management of projects and more… You’re always finding new solutions for better products.

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