The story of


Flexible Materials Buyer

I started at Danone as an Internal Control intern in Poland. I experienced that Danone really gives serious tasks and responsibilities to its interns. You can learn about the business processes, develop yourself and find a position that suits you. Nowadays, I am Buyer for flexible packaging materials for the European plant of our Dairy division. The past five years have showed that this company enables people to achieve their desired career path.

Be careful what you wish for; you could actually achieve it here.

As a Buyer I'm in charge of the relationships with our suppliers of packaging materials. I take care of the suppliers and materials portfolio, negotiate its prices and ensure a good service to our plants. Aiming at the lowest possible price without compromising the quality of the product and service. It's a challenging task which brings a lot of satisfaction. You feel that what you do makes sense and has a real impact on improving our business.

Moving to Holland has been a big adventure and milestone in my life. I have found myself here ‐ in business and in my private life. I always tell people who start working here: think about how you see yourself in the future. This company listens to your ambitions and helps you getting there.