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Senior Project Process Engineer

I started my career at Procter & Gamble in Brasil after graduating in Chemical Engineering. When my husband got a job in the Netherlands, I followed him and explored my options here. Danone immediately caught my attention: I wanted to create products that attribute to life. During the interviews I immediately felt that this was a different company, because of their human interest and the way they live up to their values.

This company has the same values as I have in my personal life.

In my work I am involved in many aspects of our company. I develop and implement engineering solutions for the production process with a multidisciplinary team and communicate with external companies. Everything I've studied, I can practice in my daily job. You really have to understand how everything works to deliver projects with quality and safety.

The European culture of Danone is really refreshing. Every team member is involved in the company, attends process meetings and works closely together. Many of them have gained experience in another talent circle at Danone. I think that is good to understand more of the other departments. You need to understand each other's needs in order to receive the best results as a whole.