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Technology Leader Filling

It was during the final stage of my degree in biotechnology at the TU Delft when an on-campus recruitment agency brought Nutricia to my attention. I already completed multiple internships in the field of production environments but the food industry was always appealing. Partly because you work with actual end products, but it's also a highly dynamic industry. It is constantly changing due to innovations, regulations and trends ‐ much more than for instance the chemical industry.

Danone really has a lot of trust in it's people

Part of my job is to optimise the technical reliability of our filling lines, through standardisation or by improving the maintenance process. At Danone we work with 9-week intervals, which give us the chance to regularly improve our processes. Furthermore, we execute breakdown eliminations to prevent repetitive malfunctions and we maintain the relationships with our suppliers. Since there's so much variation in my day-to-day job, it never gets boring.

What I appreciate mostly is the freedom Danone gives me. They tell you what to do; but how you do it, is up to you. I am responsible for the strategy, the implementation and the results. For such a large, international company that works with the highest standards in safety and quality, they really have a lot of trust in their people.