How a Career in Food Technology can Benefit You and Others

If you thrive in a fast-paced, progressive environment where you have the opportunity to make a positive difference to society, a career in food technology is a great choice. New technologies are transforming the field of medical and infant nutrition and attracting a growing number of talented and ambitious people to the field. 

It offers the potential to enrich your career in several key ways

  • Offering meaningful work in a dynamic environment.
  • Providing the opportunity to make a difference in a rewarding area, such as infant nutrition and medical nutrition.
  • Putting you at the heart of product development that millions of consumers will use on a daily basis, all over the world.

Product developers working in the field of Research and Innovation explore the effects of our diet at all stages of life, and its impact on health. They work at the forefront of scientific innovation to give future generations the best start in life. As a product developer, you get to help consumers of all ages and backgrounds make the nutritional choices that enable them to have the best quality of life possible.

Product developers enable brands to create products and deliver breakthroughs in infant nutrition. Your expertise and ability to make an impact is a gamechanger.

The critical role of Research and Innovation product developers in infant nutrition

Our understanding of the role nutrition plays in the first 1,000 days of life is continually evolving. Ensuring there are essential nutrients in the right quantities in infant nutrition helps to boost the development of a healthy microbiome and reduce the risk of chronic illness, obesity and heart disease later in life.  Evaluating the full impact of nutrition on body composition and metabolic development during those early years is a vital area of research.

Product developers have the opportunity to be key players in delivering the benefits of these insights to consumers all over the world. 

Enrich your career in food technology

A career as a product developer with Danone offers the opportunity to make a difference in a stimulating and dynamic environment. You’ll have the chance to work creatively and collaboratively and with an excellent level of autonomy and freedom.
There is a genuine focus on personal growth and you can make a meaningful contribution to consumer’s wellbeing, all over the world.

Your career path will allow you to challenge yourself and your colleagues and encourage each other to learn and grow. It’s a highly progressive, genuinely rewarding career path that never stands still.