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Team Leader Productivity

Hi, I'm Imen

I’ve been working at Danone for seven years. I’m a Team Leader at the Scientific Nutrition Research & Innovation Center.

Our job is to develop products from the idea stage to the market. We work as a team to make sure products are safe and the best quality.

What keeps me motivated is knowing that my team and I are making a difference. But the best part of my job is seeing people in my team grow. I encourage them to get out and make connections, start conversations and make things happen.

It's important to have energy here

At Danone, we're not over-reliant on processes. We count on people to keep things moving. Show initiative and take opportunities and you can really go far here. It’s up to you to define your role!

We want you to explore

I work with people from across the company to help my team develop and widen their knowledge through temporary assignments and projects. It's especially important for younger team members to experience different parts of the business. Building relationships helps you progress. The young people's peer support network is a great help with this!

Everyone at Danone is on a journey. None of us are standing still.

The best part for me is meeting other members of the Danone family, whether it’s in my home city or in countries around the world.

Imen is looking for energetic, ambitious people to join the Danone team. Sound like you?